Over the years we have organized regular beach clean up, initiated projects to inform and educate and joined activities of other organizsations on Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands and abroad.

Lately we focused on the plastic pollution of the ocean. It endangers the ocean and the marine wildlife around the world. And in the end us. To recycle and reuse is a good step. But the only solution is to stop the use of plastic. And therefore we have to stop our single-use mentality. Here you can follow our latest initiatives.

Clean Coffee Mug

Whereever we are, a cup of coffee is with us. Coffee-to-go is a lifestyle, a symbol of our throw-away society which has a huge impact on the environment. In Germany alone 2,8 Billion single use coffee cups made of paper and plastic were thrown away in 2015. In the UK the numbers agree, imagine the output on a world wide scale.

Thrown away almost immediately, disposable cups are a horrendous waste of valuable resources as they are made from virgin materials. And the recycling is difficult, nearly impossible. Especially because of the plastic coating and the plastic or silicone lid. That’s why we will develop a 100% plastic free reusable coffee cup. To do so we collaborate with the ecosign Academy in Cologne, a university which is specialized on connecting design with sustainability.

To fund this project we launched a crowd-funding campaign. Because we believe that everyone can be a part of a green solution. The Clean Coffee Mug. No waste. No plastic. Just coffee.

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Clean Coffee Project

Buy it, consume it and throw it away. Single-used coffee capsules are the latest lifestyle product. They suit our laziness and single-use mentality. A huge problem. Because the production is a tremendous waste of valuable resources and the mix of even toxic materials like plastic and aluminium makes recycling difficult, expensive and a waste of energy. In the end most of the capsules are thrown in the general trash, than pile up on the landfills and finally end up in the ocean.

With our Clean Coffee Project campaign we want inform about this problem and force the European Government to implement a deposit system for single-use coffee capsules in the European Union.

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Plastic bag ban on Fuerteventura

The change of a habit is the hardest thing to do. Like using plastic bags. We are used to it, we get them for free. Although we know that they are a huge problem to the environment, we stick to it. It is a routine of both, the local business and the customer. Therefore the Clean Ocean Project startet the “Shop without plastic bags” campaign on Fuerteventura. We contact local shops and offer them a deal: They do not offer plastic bags anymore. In exchange we collect all the plastic bags they have in stock and recycle them. If the local shop sign the agreement, a sticker on his entrance door will distinguish him as a trustful green partner. And a place where the customer likes to go shopping. Because he can support the environment and the local business too.

We will support this change of habit by providing information which shops joining the campaign. A little guide for a new green shopping experience. If you are a shop owner feel free to contact the Clean Ocean Project.

Save Canarias

It all started with bad news: REPSOL, a spanish oil giant planned to drill for oil close to Fuerteventura and Lancerote. We couldnt believe it. After a short moment of numbness we took action and initiated a petition page to collect signatures against the ignorance of politicians and the audacious behaviour of REPSOL.

After one month we already passed the little milestone of 15.000 signatures and on the 24th of March 2012 the Canary Islands has seen the biggest demonstration ever. Ten thousends of local people where on the streets of Puerto del Rosario/Fuerteventura and Arrecife/Lancerote. They had one clear message: NO OIL ON CANARY ISLANDS!

In 2012 more than 300 environmental groups joined the fight against the oil drilling. And three years later REPSOL withdraw. The next goal is to protect the area by declaring it a national biosphere reserve.


Together with Retorna we are working right now on a testing phase for a deposit system for plastic bottles on Fuerteventura. To proof that this system saves valuable resources, energy and reduces waste.

Retorna is a spanish non-profit organization whose goal is to implement a deposit system, to promote a sustainable production and consumption model and encourage the recovery and recycling of waste.

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The Seabin Project

We support the the Seabin project on Mallorca. They have designed and made an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents. It is designed for floating docks in the water of marinas, private pontoons, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, water ways, ports and yacht clubs. For a clean ocean.

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