There are many little things each of us can do. Before you leave the beach, pick up litter you come across. You can organize a beach clean up with your friends at your beloved beach. And you can rethink your daily habits, like using single-use products. Most of them are made out of plastic, which is the biggest threat to the environment and the ocean. We have to stop using it. And we have to rethink our single use mentality, so do not use disposable cups, straws or plastic bags. Do your bit, be part of it.

Clean your beloved beach, organize a beach clean up!

  1. Download a poster for your beach clean up (english, spanish, french, german), print it in color or black and white, fill in the date and location, post them all over town and invite all of your friends.
  2. Ask your local government for support like gloves, bags and the disposal of waste.
  3. Post pictures and info of your beach clean up on our fanpage at facebook.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us and send us all the details about your beach clean up, we then will post it on our blog.